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Zelda Spellman

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Zelda Spellman with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Zelda is one of Sabrina's aunts that take care of her. Originally she was depicted as a short chubby witch was rather eccentric and goofy. However, starting with the 1996 sitcom, she was depicted as slim and blonde and is serious and logical. In fact she was "magical scientist" and had received rewards for her discoveries. Then starting with the animated series to Secret Life, she was changed to being more of a red head however her calm and logical demeanor was the same as her sitcom counter part.

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Today we will take a look one of Sabrina's aunts, Zelda Spellman.

Jane Webb: Jane was did triple duty in the series, playing both aunts and Sabrina and she did a fine job. While she played Zelda's original version, she did have a rather goofy and enjoyable voice and performance. This is an another example of Jane's voice work.

Beth Broderick: Beth reprises her role from the sitcom and she does a good job. While sounding not as experience behind the mic when compared to the others she does fit for the show's version of Zelda and makes her sound serious but able to handle the comedy moments just fine.

Melissa Joan Hart: From 1996 sitcom fame, Melissa Joan Hart is the second time that an actress that played Sabrina would play both aunts (though not all three in the same series). Melissa gives Zelda a lower voice (most likely to differ from her Hilda) and also plays her as the more calm and logical of the sisters rather nicely but was good at handling the jokes. However, unlike Jane, it was a more obvious that both Hilda and Zelda shared the same actress. As I mentioned, Melissa used a lower voice but she would slip into her Hilda and even her normal voice at times and it didn't help that this would happen when she argued with Hilda sometimes making it confusing on who was talking. Still, it is nice to hear Melissa show her range.

Tina Bush: As mentioned in the Sabrina compare, DiC was no longer owned by Disney and they re-casted the characters. That said, Tina was pretty good (I guess a nitpick would be sounding a little younger then Melissa but not too much so). However the movie didn't show Zelda and Hilda a lot so Tina didn't get as much as the others but she is a good example of the show's voice work.

Jane Mortifee: She was decent as Zelda, nothing really outstanding but far from bad.

Overall, each of these talented ladies did good in their own way but my personal favorites are Jane, Beth and Tina

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