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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sabrina Spellman with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Sabrina Spellman is the protagonist and title character of the Archie Comics series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" which has been around since October of 1962. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was originally known as a spin-off to Archie Comics in which she was originally a teenage girl whom is one of Archie's friends (but unlike all of the other Archie characters she has magical powers) but nowadays she is mainly known as the star of her own series. Anyways Sabrina is a good old fashioned "Girl Next Door" whom happens to be a half mortal/half witch in which she lives with her aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman and her highly sarcastic but helpful talking cat Salem. Sabrina's love interest is Harvey Kinkle and while she was originally known for having white hair but nowadays is often known as a Blonde thanks to the 1996 live action Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart.  

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Today we start on the Sabrina The Teenage Witch VC section and who better to start this off with the title character herself... SABRINA SPELLMAN! We will actually begin with the Filmation Sabrina the Teenage Witch series in which Jane Webb voiced Sabrina. Now I suppose Jane does have an advantage here as she sounds the most like a teenager out of the voice talent here (granted all 3 of the productions here have Sabrina as a teenager but still I will go over that later). Anyways Jane's voice for the role does have a suitable "60's/70s Teenage Girl" feel to it pretty well as her performance does suit on how Sabrina seems to be a normal teenage girl (aside from her magical powers).

Nearly 3 decades later there was a Sabrina the Animated series in which is a spin-off to the 1996 Sabrina Sitcom, in this show Sabrina is a few years younger and was voiced by Emily Hart (whom is the younger sister of the 1996 Sitcom's star Sabrina the Teenage Witch). While Emily's voice for the role (and to be fair Sabrina's design in the show) seemed a bit more pre-teen then teen but Emily's performance does fit the show's take on her pretty well. Emily plays the role of Sabrina as a normal easy going girl whom is trying to maintain a normal life despite the fact that she has powers and she does it fairly well. So in other words Emily Hart does a pretty good take on a younger Sabrina Spellman as her work for the role is a pretty good example of the voice work in the series.

While the late 90's Sabrina Animated Series was made by DiC entertainment the show was made back when DiC was owned by Disney, however in the early 2000s DiC still made Sabrina animated productions but they were no longer working with Disney so a VA cast change was made. When DiC continued their animated productions based off of Sabrina the Teenage Witch without Disney, also then child VA Britt McKillip got to take over the role. Even though Disney was no longer involved this take on Sabrina is still pretty much the same as she was in the late 90's animated series but Britt is a rather suitable alternative for the role. While one does notice on how Britt does occasionally add in a bit of melancholy to her work in the role but she does make it work well as she still plays the role as cute plucky young girl pretty well and is a fine replacement for Emily Hart. Overall I am not entirely sure who to pick as Jane makes a pretty good classical Sabrina Spellman while Emily and Britt make pretty good younger Sabrina Spellmans as well. 



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