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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of RoboCop with sound clips and images.
Franchise: RoboCop

Officer Alex J. Murphy was a police officer in futuristic Detroit. When he was gunned down in the line of duty, he was brought back to life by Omni Consumer Products as a crime-fighting cyborg, known as "RoboCop". Although all human emotion was meant to have been eradicated when he was revived, RoboCop still has memories of his human life.

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Dan Hennessey's portrayal in the 1988 animated series was meant to closely imitate the live-action RoboCop film from the year before. The cadence with which he speaks is quite stilted - short phrases, very little variation in his pitch or volume, in order to draw parallels to Peter Weller in the live-action film. And there is also a heavy metallic echo effect that they layered onto his voice as well. 

David Sobolov's performance in Alpha Commando was different in a few ways. As a television show, Alpha Commando was tonally different than The Animated Series - played with a much lighter attitude and more comic relief. David's RoboCop wasn't quite as straight-laced as Dan's RoboCop, often making quips, puns and play-on-words regarding the action at hand. While some might argue that this betrays the original intent of the character of RoboCop, I found it to be quite refreshing. It was nice to have RoboCop be able to have some fun. This then allowed David to have fun in his performance. RoboCop's speech patterns were more varied than Dan's, allowing more of his "human" side to show throgh. While there is a metallic echo effect placed on David's performance, it's much more subdued than the one that was used for Dan. 

This is an extremely tough choice for me. There are only a handful of voice compares (that only have two performances, that is) where I feel that both VAs are equally fantastic in the role, and this is one of those examples. Both portrayals are not only great, but unique as well. They both fit their respective material. Overall, my vote is going with David Sobolov, with a virtually invisible distance of Dan in second place. 



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