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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Steve Burnside with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Resident Evil

Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 10 2010


Today on the Resident Evil VC section the 5th VC for this series shall actually go for this young lad with parental issues whom gets to work with RE2's Claire Redfield in Resident Evil Code Veronica namely STEVE BURNSIDE! (I could give a bit more of an elaborate summary but I wanted to refrain from any potential spoilers so I will keep this one a little more brief.) In Resident Evil Code Veronica he was voiced by Bill Houston in which a good portion of the RE fanbase hates his guts and his voice in the game is one of the reasons why as it has been deemed to be a bit too high and annoyingly nasally. But to be honest it didn't annoy me all that much (heck it even kind of reminds me of Joshua Seth's voice). Sure I suppose Bill probably should have toned down how nasal his voice got but I have heard a lot worse and the performance doesn't seem to bad to me.

And in Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles' stages for Resident Evil Code Veronica he was voiced by Sam Regal. The general consensus seems to be that Sam's voice and performance is a considerable improvement now THAT I will agree with. Granted one could notice that Sam's Steve Burnside is a lot like his Donatello voice from the 2000's TMNT series but to be honest I do think that it works here. While it may not be Sam Regal's best performance it is one of his better ones though that much I will say. Overall while Bill didn't seem that bad I will agree that Sam Regal is the better VA for this role for sure.  



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Bill Houston
Sam Riegel