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Wendel Lumos

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Wendel Lumos with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Ratchet & Clank

Wendel Lumos is the CEO of Gadgetron, a weapons development company in the Ratchet & Clank universe.

Created by solidejake on May 30 2016


Happy birthday to me! 21 and none the wiser (being peak-intelligence makes it hard to get any smarter). PlayStation Month is nearing its end, but it's not over yet, Jake! We're looking at Wendel Lumos, previously known simply as Gadgetron CEO. Come along!

Jim Ward - The 2002 game shows us a seemingly senile old man as the voice of the Gadgetron CEO. He wants to be hip with the times, so he tries to get Ratchet's youthful Lombax appearance to get a demographic. I think Ward's take is nice, as it fits the design very well.

Patrick Seitz - The 2016 game switches things up a tad by giving the Gadgetron CEO a name, and more of a personality. Now going by Wendel Lumos, he seems genuinely delighted to meet both Ratchet and Clank. Funny that they changed the voice despite Jim Ward still being a part of the cast, but hey, they repurposed the character, so it's cool. I really dig the direction this character went.

I think to wrap up my first 21-year-old voice compare, I would have to give Patrick my vote, I do enjoy his version a lot more.



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Jim Ward
Patrick Seitz