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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Foreman Elf with sound clips and images.
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The Foreman Elf is one of the secondary characters in the Rankin Bass Classic special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This unnamed Elf is a supervisor for the toy production for Santa Claus and he makes sure that all the elves are busy doing their jobs and make toys for Santa. However the Foreman Elf was furious that Hermey wanted to be a dentist instead of a toy-maker and was strongly against it as he demanded Hermey to make toys like all the other elves. But while the Foreman Elf is a hot-tempered old elf who demands conformity he is just simply an overbearing boss who is just doing his job.

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Alright folks today on the Rankin Bass Classics VC section we take a look at this cranky old elf... FOREMAN ELF! Let us begin...

Carl Banas- Carl's voice felt rather natural for the role as a cantakerous old-fashioned elf as his performance does suit the Foreman Elf's authoritative nature rather well. So in other words its a fine example of Carl's work and a good example of the voice work in that classic specuial.

Peter Kelamis- While this movie contained some very good to exceptionnal cases of vocal mimicry this example of vocal mimicry on the other hand was pretty good at best. While Peter's voice for the role does have a similar sense of gruffness that Carl's did but I do think that Peter's voice for the role is a bit too high. But to be fair Peter's performance does suit the Foreman Elf's hot-tempered nature pretty well. So in other words while its not one of the better performances in that movie its still a pretty good example nevertheless.

Overall I will go with Carl as his work is rather classic but Peter's work on the role is pretty good too.



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Carl Banas
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