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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Snizard with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Power Rangers

Snizard was one of the many "Monsters of the Day" in the original series. He was a snake themed monster who could shoot snakes out of his chest which could drain the energy of anyone they bit. He also had the Zapper Apple on his head which could charge any weapon to make much more powerful, in fact he almost destroyed four of the Rangers with one fully charged arrow. However he was stopped by Kimberly. He was later brought back by Lord Zedd along with many other monsters. Surprisingly he has some musical talent has he played "Here Comes the Bride" at Rita's and Zedd's wedding on the organ.

Created by Music Meister on Aug 22 2014


Bob did fine, he didn't have much to work with due to Snizard having a smaller role after his return but I do wonder why he didn't do more of a 'snake-like' voice for the character. He comes off a little generic.

Bryan on top of having more material was a big surprise. Who knew Bryan could do such a good villain snake voice. Good show of range for him.

So once again Bob was decent for what he got but I have to give it to Bryan

Music Meister


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