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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Lord Zedd with sound clips and images.

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Lord Zedd is the main villain of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that first appeared in the second season. Zedd first appeared to get rid of Rita after she failed to destroy the Power Rangers and conquered the Earth. However, Rita would use a love potion to make Zedd fall in love and marry her. Zedd has been a villain to the Power Rangers up to Power Rangers In Space (though how big of a villain did change). Zedd is a rare example as he has no Super Sentai counterpart.

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Lord Zedd, one of the most known Power Ranger villains and a favorite to a lot of fans (including myself.

Zedd is Robert's most known role and there is no wonder why. When Zedd was first depicted as threatening villain, Robert's deep gruff voice fit and when he yelled or talked calmly he sounded really menacing. However, as most Power Ranger fans know, the show got complaints about how intense Zedd was so he had to be 'censored' and he became a more comical villain. With that said, Robert was good with the comical moments. Robert 's performance became more over-the-top (oh so over the top) which actually made Zedd more memorable. Zedd is an amazing example of both Robert's and the show's voice work.

Robert Axelrod voiced Lord Zedd for almost all of his appearances, however in the game Power Ranger Super Legends we got good ol' Steven Blum. Steven is no stranger to villains with gruff voices so he was a natural choice for a stand in. While Steven's impression was really good he didn't have the same energy that Robert had but he was alright.

So while Steven wasn't bad, Robert takes the scary exposed brain cake.

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