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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Pryce with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Pokemon

Pryce is the gym leader of Mahogany Town, who holds the Glacier Badge to anyone who can beat him. In the anime, Pryce is a cold, emotionless, distant trainer who holds no sentiments to his Pokemon and believes battling is more efficient when there is less of a connection between trainer and Pokemon. In the end, it was revealed he had an emotional connection in his youth and lost his Pokemon.

Created by Bry on Apr 5 2020


Ah, Pryce. Prideful Pryce. Let's get into his roles, shall we?

James Carter Cathcart's voice for this character is, like much of his other roles even before the fated "TPCi dub", harsh and rather hard to listen to in retrospect. While he has much more material, the performance is hampered by how harsh that voice sounds. Still, I feel it's so ridiculous sounding that I can't help but give it a vote. But seriously dude, get a lozenge, haha.

Kyle Hebert (like his other Pokemon roles) does a very okay performance. It's not bad by any chance, but it really just feels like another "Kyle Hebert" role, especially with the material given. It's at least easier to listen to than JCC.



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James Carter Cathcart
Kyle Hebert