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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Lance with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Pokemon

Lance is the leader of the Kanto Elite Four, appearing at the end of Pokemon Red and Green. A master of dragon types, Lance is focused and never seen without his trusty Dragonite by his side. However, by the time you beat him, he as already been bested and surrendered the championship to someone you know all too well... He becomes champ for real by Gold and Silver though, when he's not off getting his eyes glued to shiny Gyarados anyway.

Created by NCZ on Dec 24 2018


Wayne Grayson: Even though he's a major character in the games, Lance is only a two-time guest star in the show. The two times he shows up are memorable for sure, but Wayne definitely still keeps him with the presence of a one-shot rather than the champion.
Bob Buchholz: Man! Even in Origins he's not there that long. Why's a guy gotta keep getting shafted? Yeah, so he's voiced by the ADR director himself. He does all right, but it still feels like a filler voice.
Ben Diskin: I think Ben is the closest to breathing into Lance the strong-willed, draconian presence he needs to back up his title, but more or less by default. It's definitely his stronger turn with Pokemon.
Overall: I don't think there's really been a definitive English Lance yet, which is too bad. Ben probably comes closest, but Lance has definitely not really had a fair shake. And that makes Dratini cry.



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Wayne Grayson
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