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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Cynthia with sound clips and images.
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Cynthia is the champion of the Sinnoh Pokemon League. One of the most skilled and celebrated Trainers of all time, she is a recurring face throughout the series and has been through many of the Pokemon world's regions. A balanced master of all types of Pokemon (but especially her signature Garchomp), Cynthia is a collected, cool cucumber who genuinely respects Dawn and Lukas not only as a friendly rival, but as a peer, and wins everyone's respect back in return.

Created by NCZ on Dec 26 2018


Emily Bauer: Emily is one of the best performances in TPCI's Pokemon. Her take on Cynthia is perfectly humble and caring, with the air of an ace trainer who's been around the block enough to earn the title of champion.
Tara Sands: Tara unfortunately does not get as much time as Cynthia, which is too bad because she's an interesting choice. Like Emily, she has a lot of experience playing other characters in the series, but I think Emily works well because Dawn and Cynthia are such polar opposites. Still, Tara's voice is no less cool with a high-up air.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Cynthia voice actors?
Emily Bauer
Tara Jayne Sands