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Charlie Brown

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Charlie Brown with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 37
Franchise: Peanuts

Charlie Brown is the primary character from Charles M. Schultz's comic strips, the Peanuts saga. Charlie Brown is a shy and a kind child who unfortunately receives a slew of bad luck. These include failing to win a baseball game, getting his kites eaten by the Kite Eating Tree, and unable to kick a football just to name a few.  Despite his unfortunate spree of distress, he has a secret crush whom he calls 'the Little Red-Haired Girl.'

Confirmed takes from the commercial voices, such as Donovan Freberg and Tony Terraciano, cannot be found at this time, and Kelly Jean Badgley's take for Teleflora is ineligible since she only provided a scream.

Created on Jan 8 2022


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Who do you think has been the best from these Charlie Brown voice actors?
Peter Robbins
Chris Inglis
Chad Webber
Todd Barbee
Duncan Watson
Dylan Beach
Liam Martin
Arrin Skelley
Michael Mandy
Michael Catalano
Kevin Brando
Erin Chase
Grant Wehr
Brad Kesten
Brett Johnson
Chad Allen
Jason Riffle
Sean Colling
Kaleb Henley
Philip Shafran
Justin Shenkarow
Jamie E Smith
Jimmy Guardino
Steven Hartman
Quinn Beswick
Wesley Singerman
Adam Taylor Gordon
Spencer Robert Scott
Alex Ferris
Trenton Rogers
Noah Schnapp
Barbara Anne Weber Scaff
Aiden Lewandowski
Gaston Scardovi-Mounier
Ethan Pugiotto
Tyler Nathan
Etienne Kellici