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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Pac-Man with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a character starring in self title game Pac-Man (created by Namco) in May 22, 1980. Originally, Pac-Man was just a circle that opened up. However, to become more marketable, he was given arms legs and an actual face. Pac-Man also evolved into other types of games (some more successful than others). Pac-Man's personality, origin, age, or any other quality differs depending on continuity.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have no idea how to judge these voices. If there was an actor that said "wakka wakka wakkka" I'd probably go with that person but these actors didn't go "wakka wakka wakka" they had dialog. Dialog! For Pacman! Well here we go.

Marty was the first to give Pac-Man a voice in his animated series and a Christmas special. Marty gives Pac-Man a slightly sarcastic and laid back yet kind and caring.

Now we head to Pac-Man's appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken where Debi takes a crack at the role. As you can hear, Debi gets very little to work with but she does a good amount of energy but since it's not much to judge that's all I can say. I know given more dialog Debi could have done a much better job with Pac-Man.

Now we look at Erin in the new show Pac-Man the Adventure begins (or Ghostly Adventures as it's also known as). In this show Pac-Man is in High School and is the last of the one race that can defeat/eat the ghosts (yes that's as weird to write as to read) which is why Erin sounds the youngest of the three. Erin is...okay. She doesn't have the same energy as the others and sometimes a bit whiney. She's not terrible and it's a good example of women playing young male characters but I've heard better.

Martin played Pac-Man in the third Pac-World game and he's pretty good. Like Marty he has a laid back feel that fits for Pac-Man but the voices is somewhat generic.

Erica does alright, she does sound a lot like Erin which makes sense since she was a stand-in for her but that means I have the same complaints for her as I did for Erin. Overall, I'm going with Marty the most. He had the most energy, most personality and just was more fun to listen to.

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