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Mr. 2 Bon Clay / Bentham

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mr. 2 Bon Clay / Bentham with sound clips and images.

Franchise: One Piece

Bentham was formerly an agent of Baroque Works with the alias Mr. 2 Bon Clay. He ate the Clone-Clone fruit, which allows him to mimic the physical appearance of another. Though initially an antagonist, he proves to be an ally of the Straw hats, helping Luffy escape on multiple occasions from the Marines. He currently is the Queen of Newkama Land in Impel Down.

In the 4Kids dub, he is voiced by Kevin Kolack. When FUNimation got the license, he is voiced by Barry Yandell. In a lesser known English dub by Odex, he is voiced by Dwayne Tan.

Created by FanGuy67 on Dec 2 2019


Barry Yandell: Barry's performance as Mr. 2 is top-notch. Mr. 2 is suppose to sound goofy and silly, and I believe Barry does a great job playing a silly character. 

Kevin Kolack: I find some similar ties with this version of Mr. 2 comparing to FUNimations' Mr. 2, but it's not one of the best voices in the 4Kids dub. In fact, this has to be one of the most annoying voices I can find in the 4Kids dub. 

Dwayne Tan: I don't think that voice fits Mr. 2 at all. I find the 4Kids version of Mr 2. slightly better then Odex's Mr. 2. 

Mike McFarland: Even with that one small line, I think Mike would be a good replacement for Barry. However, this is Barry's true role.

1. Barry
2. Mike
3. Kevin
4. Dwayne



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