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Bulk Biceps

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Bulk Biceps with sound clips and images.
Franchise: My Little Pony

Bulk Biceps is a white pegasus pony with a blonde mane. He is easily distinguished by his thick musculature, tiny wings and generally loud and enthusiastic demeanor. In spite of his somewhat intimidating appearance, some more sensitive aspects of his personality seep through on occasion. In the episodes "Hurricane Fluttershy", "Wonderbolts Academy" and "Equestria Games", his emphatic "YEAH"'s are provided by the show's supervising director Jayson Thiessen. In his full-fledged speaking appearances in "Rainbow Falls" and "Castle Sweet Castle", he is voiced by Michael Dobson.

Created by CatsTuxedo on Jan 18 2014


I'm handing this one to Dobson on the grounds that he actually had material to work with and had much more of a capacity to leave an impression of the character, even if Thiessen handled his one word relatively well.



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Jayson Thiessen
Michael Dobson