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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ulik with sound clips and images.
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Ulik is one of Thor Odinson's various foes in the Mighty Thor franchise whom made his comic book debut in Thor #137 in February of 1967.Ulik is a Rock Troll whom is from the Asgardian Dimension Nornheim and he (like all other Rock Trolls) absolutely despises Asgard because Odin has forced the Rock Trolls to live underground. Ulik has fought heroes such as Thor on a regular basis as he is just simply a very strong & durable creature with lots of stamina whom is also a very good fighter. Ulik does desire to kill Asgardians such as Thor but he is more brains that brawn and has allied with certain other members of Thor's Rogues Gallery such as Loki and the Wrecking Crew.

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Today on the Mighty Thor VC section we take a look at this Rock Troll from Nornheim... ULIK! We shall begin with Marvel Ultimate Alliance in which Fred Tatasciore voiced Ulik, to be blunt I will say that its kind of jarring that his Ulik voice is rather similar to his Hulk voice. Now granted I am aware that Fred didn't voice Hulk in that game (Peter Lurie did) but still I suppose Fred's voice  for the role is still decent for the role though. Fred's performance was pretty good though as it is a decent mix of beastliness and arrogance which did suit the role fairly well. So in other words its not one of the better examples of Fred Tatasciore's work but its an alright example of MUA1's voice work.

In Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ulik appeared for an episode voiced by Troy Baker. While Ulik didn't get a lot of lines that episode but I did rather liked Troy's voice for the role as it does have a suitably gruff and beastly feel. Troy's performance suited Ulik's "Tough guy always ready for a fight" persona rather well and his work is a fairly interesting change of pace for him. So I will say this much on how Troy's work as Ulik is probably one of his better performances in that show and his performance here in general is a pretty good example of his voice work.

Last but not the least is Steve Blum whom voiced Ulik in the Thor God of Thunder game. While Ulik never really had a dialogue heavy role in the adaptations he was in this is especially true for Ulik's role in this game as he was only in one boss battle in that game. While I did like the growling and roaring for Ulik before his boss battle with Thor too place but the voice work for Ulik's lines during the Boss battle was decent enough. Steve did a pretty good job in trying to do a rather beastly voice for Ulik in which its not great but its better than his work in roles such as Venom and Killer Croc. Steve Blum's work as Ulik is not one of his better performances but it is a decent example of his work nevertheless. Overall I am easily going with Troy Baker here with Fred Tatasciore and Steve Blum is a decent 2nd place.

(Update: KMR apparently got to voice Ulik in Avengers Assemble and I must say this is one of the better takes on the role here. Kevin's voice has a suitably beastly feel as he delivers an energetic performance as a monstrous creature that is out to want to destroy Asgardians. So basically Kevin and Troy's takes on the role are the best that I have heard so far.)



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