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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Hercules with sound clips and images.
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Hercules is Marvel's take on the Greek Mythology legendary Icon Hercules (even if not everyone in the Marvel Universe thinks he is the same Hercules), anyways Hercules' Marvel Comics debut was in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 back in 1965. Hercules initially appeared in The Mighty Thor series whom became a secondary protagonist in the Thor series. Marvel's take on Hercules is depicted as a muscular hairy man whom is a rowdy and boorish brawler but is also a kind fun-loving man whom is willing to save innocent people. While nowadays Hercules is known to appear in The Avengers storylines he still has very much a history with Thor.

Created by Pokejedservo on Nov 9 2011
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Today on the Mighty Thor VC section we take a look at Marvel's take on the Greek Mythology Icon... HERCULES! We will actually begin with the 60's Marvel Super Heroes series in which Hercules appeared for a couple of episodes voiced by Len Birman. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with Len's work here as his voice for Hercules had a suitably deep and manly in which his performance had a suitably over-the-top feel to it. Len's performance suited Hercules rather well as Hercules is eager for action and also still sounding rather heroic as well. So I must say that Len's work as Hercules is actually one of the best performances in that show to be honest.

While Hercules made a few silent cameos in Marvel's animation during the 90's (X-men and Fantastic Four to be more precise), Hercules never really had another voice acted appearance until about a little over 4 decades later with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 in which Hercules was voiced by Sean Donnellan. Sean does make a decent attempt at trying to play up Hercules' brawny persona however to me Sean's voice for the role seems a little too light. Granted at least Sean does try to make up for it by giving a rather energetic performance that works pretty well with the role. Basically Sean's work on the role of Hercules is not bad but its only a pretty good example of the voice work in that game.

Last but most certainly not the least is The Super Hero Squad in which Hercules appeared in a couple of episodes in which he was voiced by series regular Jess Harnell. While Jess is known for being in more comedic animation his work as Hercules still does feel like an interesting change of pace for him. Jess does a suitably deeper voice for the role as his performance does suit Hercules Brawny Boisterous nature. Sure Jess really does play Hercules as a really goofy dumb muscle (but to be fair Marvel's take on Hercules was never really all that intellectual to begin with). Anyways Jess' take on Hercules not only suit's the show's comedic nature but still suit's the role rather well enough and is a pretty good example of the show's voice work. Overall I am going with Len Birman the most with Jess Harnell as a good second and Sean Donnellan at a decent third.   



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