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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Johnny Sasaki with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Metal Gear

Johnny Sasaki is one of the secondary characters in the Metal Gear franchise whom made his debut as a comically inept enemy soldier in Metal Gear Solid. Johnny is a US.Army Soldier whom was involved in the Shadow Moses Incident, Big Shell Incident and Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection but one of his first scenes in the series was the sight of him naked and unconscious thanks to Meryl whom stole his equipment. While earlier in the series Johnny was technically one of the villains (but he seemed to be a comically inept one due to his chronic diarrhea) but definitely became one of the heroes in Metal Gear Solid 4. Johnny became a recurring character in the Metal Gear Solid series but apparently he was the third Johnny Sasaki as his Grandfather was an enemy soldier that Naked Snake met in Metal Gear Solid 3.  

Created by solidejake on Apr 9 2012
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Today on the Metal Gear VC section we take a look at Mr. Chronic Diarrhea himself... JOHNNY SASAKI! Lets take a look here shall we?

Dean Scofield- Dean's voice work here suited the role very well as he portrayed Johnny as the well-meaning  but hapless minion that he is. Though I did like on how Dead's performance did suit on how Johnny does try to sound like a threat (even though its generally obvious that he is not). But still its a good example of the voice work in the game series.

Beng Spies- Beng's voice work in the game certainly wasn't bad but is just me or does Johnny sound a bit younger in this game? I mean sure I know that Johnny Sasaki wasn't an old man in that game but still. Anyways Beng's voice and performance for Johnny certainly does suit his more heroic (and a bit more competent) depiction in Metal Gear Solid 4 rather well. So in other words its a good example of Beng's work and of the voice work in the game series.

Overall both of these guys did well so I am pretty much going with a tie here.   



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Dean Scofield
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