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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Big Boss with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Metal Gear

Big Boss is widely considered the greatest soldier who ever lived. A man with his own phantom, he set to make never-ending conflict within the world so that soldiers were always needed.

Created by solidejake on May 31 2016


Kept you waiting, huh? You thought that PlayStation Month was over, well it has only just begun... Well, actually, it's over after this one. Just think of this Voice Compare as the zinger that happens after the initial set of credits. A man known as Big Boss, once called Naked Snake, is who our final target is.

David Hayter - Here's that classic voice everyone knows and tries to imitate again. Oh man, why can't anyone ever do a decent job? I feel like I am good at it at times. This is what legends are made of, ladies and gentlemen. David Hayter as Naked Snake in Snake Eater is possibly one of the first things that piqued my interest in voiceover in general. Thank you, Hayter.

Richard Doyle - In that surprise appearance by Big Boss after the first set of credits in a record-breakingly long cutscene in Guns of the Patriots, we are treated to Richard Doyle taking over, presumably so that we didn't get 90 minutes of Hayter talking to himself. I sometimes forget how insanely good Doyle's portrayal of Jack really is. What an incredible journey MGS4 was, and Big Boss' appearance at the end was just another layer of fanservice.

Kiefer Sutherland - I remember the day... I was getting fitted for a tuxedo for Prom when I heard the news that Big Boss in Ground Zeroes (and subsequently Phantom Pain) was not going to be played by David Hayter, but instead, Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland. I will be the first to admit my initial disappointment with such an announcement. "How can you replace a legendary voice like Hayter's?" is something I would ask myself. I thought I would never enjoy the voice, or the game for that matter. Well we are in a post-Phantom Pain world, and I must say, I was wrong. I think Sutherland did a fantastic job (despite the fact he hardly talks for God's sake). Sorry you got all the hate, buddy. You're a worthy successor.

So this is one of those voice compares I can see going any which way. To me, you can't beat out the classic here. Hayter brought out the best in the character. Being campy isn't a bad thing by any sense of the word. Metal Gear has always mixed realism with craziness. I think Hayter's take mixed them the best. While both Doyle and Sutherland were also amazing, I think they lacked some of the insane qualities that Hayter has done with the character. I can't see either of them saying, "Sounds Purr-fect" while talking to a cat, but I have witnessed Hayter do it. He gets my vote, and I thank him for what he's done for the character, and I thank Doyle and Sutherland for what they've done too. That wraps up PlayStation Month guys. Take care!

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