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Franchise: Megami Tensei

One of the main characters in Atlus's RPG, Persona 4. Rise Kujikawa is a superstar pop idol beloved across Japan, who comes to the sleepy town of Inaba to unwind from her hectic life. However, being human, she has her own insecurities - she fears that by constantly putting on a false face for the public, she has no true sense of self.

For most of her appearances, Rise is voiced by Laura Bailey. In an alternate dimension where Atlus decided that the best way to grow and nurture the Megami Tensei brand was by making a cynically-motivated Persona 4 dancing game on the PS Vita, Laura Bailey would have been unavailable for this hypothetical game, necessitating Rise to be dubbed by Ashly Burch.

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Laura Bailey is excellent as Rise. I even prefer her to Rise's Japanese voice, Rie Kugimiya. She really excels at making Rise into a multifaceted character - poppy, excitable, insecure, introspective, and has a voice that manages to be distinctive while not sounding overly-exaggerated or like a stereotypical anime archetype. It really is one of my favourite performances in the game and exemplifies what made the original Persona 4's character work great - taking characters who seem shallow on the surface, and revealing them to truly be well-rounded, well-written, and likeable people.

Unfortunately, Rise's hypothetical portrayal in the thankfully-nonexistent Persona 4 dancing game misses the mark. Here she comes off more one-note and indistinct (probably down to the Persona 4 spinoffs gradually turning the characters into caricatures of themselves as they went on) and very different from Laura, making the change very jarring. While sounding different in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, the lack of consistency as the Persona 4 spinoffs went on and lost more and more of the original voice cast is disappointing. With no disrespect to Ashly Burch personally, this version of Rise is mainly let down by the lack of original casting and the poor writing. Or at least, it would be jarring if the game she theoretically played Rise in actually existed, which it doesn't, so there's that.



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