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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Igor with sound clips and images.
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Igor is the one constant in the Persona series, appearing in every game as the owner of the Velvet Room, the place where Personas are born. Igor knows more about the series's heroes than any normal person should, but his origins are unknown. He looks scary at first and refuses to divulge any more about himself or the Velvet Room than necessary, but nonetheless he's a staunch ally. When he's not being impersonated by Yaldabaoth that is...
I debated whether or not to include David Lodge as the fake Igor in P5, but since the reveal happens so late in the game and Yaldabaoth is basically changing his appearance to Igor's magically, I figured I'd probably include him and leave it to the readers whether they personally want to judge him alongside the real Igors or not.

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This one is easy. Dan Woren as Igor is one of the series's best casting choices. He really manages to teeter on that perfect line where while you trust Igor, you never really know who he is or why he acts the way he does. I find Vic is actually an interesting choice because the voice he does is cool on its own, although for Igor I find Dan's is much more believable.
David Lodge playing the impostor Igor does a solid job, although the voice seems like it was pitched down and I think the delivery comes off a little rushed in places. Maybe it's just me but personally I sort of wish his voice was just a little more ominously gravelled, befitting the oppressive nature of P5's overall themes, Yaldabaoth's goals, and the Velvet Room's prison setting. Kirk voices the real Igor when he appears near the end, and man, I love you, but you seriously sound like Mr. Burns. (Also, changing Igor's voice really kills the reveal of the real him at the end of the game, so it's a real shame they couldn't get Dan back for whatever reason.)



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Who do you think has been the best from these Igor voice actors?
Daniel Woren
Vic Mignogna
David Lodge
Kirk Thornton