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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sigma with sound clips and images.
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Sigma is the Main Antagonist of the Mega Man X series and has been around in the Mega Man X series since the original Mega Man X. Sigma is known as the leader of the Mavericks and is known as the Arch-foe of Mega Man X and Zero and is known as a brilliant strategist and manipulator. However Sigma was not always evil as he was originally a Reploid designed by Dr. Cain in which Sigma's circuitry was so advanced that he would be immune from going Maverick, unfortunately one day Sigma had to battle Zero (whom was a Maverick at the time) and was defeated but then became a Maverick soon afterwards. Over the course of the series Sigma has been destroyed several times and has came back to cause some more trouble for the Reploids.

Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 18 2011
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Today on the Mega Man VC section we have this VC for the main villain of the Mega Man X series... SIGMA! We shall begin with Mega Man X4 in which Charlie Fontana was the first to voice Sigma here. Now I am aware of how completely reviled the voice acting for Mega Man X4 was (especially for having a woman voice Mega Man X) but to be honest this is more of a mixed bag than anything else. Charlie's voice for the role was a bit too high but his performance was actually not that bad as it was a decent fit for Sigma. Oh sure Charlie's work as Sigma is still not that great but its a bit more passable than some of the other performances in that game.

Capcom didn't really try again on the concept of English Voice Acting again until Mega Man X7 when Walter Roberts was able to take over the role here. Granted alike X4 the English Voice work in X7 wasn't all that well-received but Walter's work on the role wasn't bad either. Walter played the role of Sigma as a more monstrous creature (in which given on how unstable he was in that game it was fairly appropriate) and does it fairly well. Sure I do wish that Walter could have made his Sigma voice go a bit deeper but other than that it was actually not that bad and its one of the better performances in Mega Man X7.

Now for Mega Man X8 in which Blue Water Studios from Calgary Canada got to take over, the role of Sigma went to Dave Pettitt. While Dave's voice for the role did feel rather gruff I suppose it could have been a bit more monstrous (considering the form Sigma had in X8) but still Dave's voice for the role still worked pretty well. Dave's performance for the role was great though as it suits Sigma's Megalomaniac persona rather well while still sounding rather sinister. Another words its a fine example of Dave's voice work and a good example of the voice work in Mega Man X8.

In Mega Man X Maverick Hunter X the PSP remake of Mega Man X1 (and the OVA that came with it) Gerald Matthews was the one to take over the role. At first when I heard that Dave didn't reprise the role for this Game (and its OVA) I did question the necessity of replacing him but as much as I liked Dave Pettitt's work on the role Gerald Matthews' work is even better. First of all I like on how Gerald's voice for the role is deeper but I do also like the slightly regal feel to his voice as well. Gerald's performance was also very suiting for the role as it does have a good old fashioned "Evil Overlord" feel (but does work on how Sigma was one of the Good Guys before turning Maverick). Anyways Gerald's work on the role was great and is one of the better performances in a Mega Man X game. Overall I am going with Gerald Matthews at first with Dave Pettitt at a close second with Walter Roberts at an good third and Charlie Fontana at an okay fourth.    



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