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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Makino with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Max Steel

Makino is an antagonist in the Max Steel franchise. The Master of Technology, he has had a couple of different interpretations throughout the years. Originally, Makino was merely the supervillain identity of former news reporter Mike Nickelson. When Toxzon and Max Steel fought over the city, Mike was caught in the fallout of toxins and debris, which mutated him into cyborg creature with the ability to control and manipulate technology. And, in the usual supervillain MO, Makino swore to destroy Max Steel. 

In other continuities, an alien scientist created a machine for the sole purpose of absorbing and expanding upon itself by assimilating technology: Makino. As Makino gain strength and intelligence, he became self-aware of his true power and became determined to conquer anything and everything, using his own creations...Ultra Links

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For Makino/Mike Nickelson's appearances in the DTV movies, Scott McNeil voices him. As a disgruntled, vengeance-seeking and ultimately theatrical former news reporter, Scott's performance as Makino showcases a lot of range. His portrayal runs the gamut between growly and monstrous to hammy and theatrical to legitimately threatening. 

Michael Dobson brings Makino to life for the 2013 rebooted series continuity. As the conquer-crazed alien god, the monotone delivery and echo effect on his voice helps sell Makino as this all-powerful and otherwordly cybernetic being. 

Both of these veteran VAs do a fantastic job with their respective versions, but ultimately, I'm voting on my preferred version of the character, which is Michael's. 



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Who do you think has been the best from these Makino voice actors?
Scott McNeil
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