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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Jim McGrath with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Max Steel

Jim McGrath (or Ja'em Mk'rah) is a supporting protagonist in the Max Steel franchise. Depending on which continuity you follow, Jim is either one of N-Tek's top agents OR and an alien from the planet Tachyon and one of the founders of N-Tek. As Josh/Max McGrath's father, and husband to Molly, his goal is to protect them and Earth from Makino and his invasion of Ultra Links. 

Created by TylerMirage on Dec 1 2018


A currently-unknown voice actor portrays Jim in his brief appearances in the original series. While not a bad voice, there's simply not much memorable about it. 

For the 2013 reboot series and subsequent movies, Trevor Devall was tasked with voicing Jim. Trevor is good at voicing these kind of "every man" characters, and gives Jim both the warmth of a father and also the strength of an alien commander. 

Trevor's getting my vote.



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