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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Jefferson Smith with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Max Steel

Jefferson Smith is a supporting protagonist in the Max Steel franchise. Depending on the media, Jefferson is portrayed as either the leader of N-Tek, or one of its top agents. He works closely with Max, Steel, Berto, Kat and Forge to protect the planet from supervillains and alien invasions. In earlier entries of the franchise, Jefferson adopted Josh McGrath as his son and they have a very close relationship.

Created by TylerMirage on Nov 29 2018


Chi McBride voices Jefferson Smith in the original CG-animated series. And this would not be the last time that Chi would voice the calm, cool leader of a secret government agency. Chi's performance is quiet and calm, with just a bit of playful fun in his interactions with the other characters that allow you to infer that Jefferson isn't no-nonsense 100% of the time.

Peter Lurie was called in to voice Jefferson for the Covert Missions video game. It's not a bad performance, but it's not a good match for Chi's voice, and there's just nothing about it that says "Jefferson Smith". If it was another government agency leader he was voicing, I think it'd be better. 

For most of the direct-to-video movies of the franchise, veteran Ocean VA Scott McNeil was tasked with bringing Jefferson to life. An interesting casting choice for sure, but Scott manages to pull it off. His Jefferson has more weight to it than previous versions, but is a lot more serious. 

Jefferson's final appearance in the "OG" Max Steel media would see him voiced by Christopher Judge. I'm unsure as to why Christopher replaced Scott, when Scott was already working on the title, too, but regardless... Christopher's Jefferson is more upbeat and personable than Scott's. 

In the 2013 rebooted series, the character was altered a bit. No longer the suit-and-tie wearing director of N-Tek who enjoyed board meetings and disliked vacations, Jefferson was reimagined as one of the high-ranking N-Tek agents tasked with protecting Earth from alien invasions. Omari Newton's Jefferson is a lot looser, more laid back, more energetic (because he was younger) and always hungry. What I'd love to see is a sequel series to Max Steel (2013) that takes place, say, 20 years in the future, so that Omari could take a whack at the more traditional Jefferson.

This is a really tough one, because I think all of them do a decent-to-great job with the character. 



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