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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Radioactive Man with sound clips and images.
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Radioactive Man is a Marvel Comics Super villain that made his comic book debut into the 93rd issue of Journey into Mystery back in June of 1963. Radioactive Man certainly lives up to his name as he definitely has the powers of Nuclear radiation however it depends on the continuity that he is in on whether if its all that safe to be around him due to his radioactive body. Radioactive Man was initially depicted as a minion of Baron Zemo whom was a part of the Masters of Evil and no matter what version we are talking about here he is generally someone's minion as he has served different masters. There are two versions of Radioactive Man, the original one whom was a Chinese man by the name of Chen Lu whom was originally a foe of Thor and there is a more recent version namely a Russian Mutant by the name of Igor Stancheck whom is an enemy of Black Panther. 

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 11 2011
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Today on the Marvel Universe VC section we have a little something for this Nuclear-powered foe... RADIOACTIVE MAN! We shall actually begin with the 60's TV series Marvel Super Heroes in which Gillie Fenwick was the one to voice Radioactive Man here. Gillie's voice for Radioactive Man well I assume he is based off of the Chen Wu version that was the only one back then but one can barely tell as there is little to no evidence of a Chinese accent here. Granted I suppose it is a bit preferable compared to Bernard Cowan's questionable attempt at the accent as Mandarin in the show but still. Aside from the overly light accent Gillie's overall work as Radioactive Man was alright even if it is a bit generic so in other words its not the best work on that show but its not the worst.

About 4 decades later James Sie gets to take over in the Video Game Marvel Ultimate Alliance. James' attempt at an accent for Radioactive Man is okay but his attempt at a rougher and gruffer voice sounds a little off. Granted I am aware James did his Radioactive Man voice like he did so it won't sound too much like his Mandarin voice but still it doesn't come off as Natural. While James' voice for Radioactive Man sounded a bit forced but his performance was decent enough as an eager villainous minion. So in other words James Sie as Radioactive Man is alright but its definitely not one of his better performances.

Last but not the least is Radioactive Man in the Black Panther series in which Rick D. Wasserman gets to take over here. This version of Radioactive Man is based off of the Russian Mutant by the name of Igor Stancheck but fortunately Rick did the Russian accent rather well though. Rick's fairly low rough voice does work for the role as he does make Radioactive Man sound sinister and eager to do his job. So in other words while Radioactive Man did not get a lot of lines but Rick's work for the role is a good example of the show's voice work. Overall while Rick's work maybe for a different version of Radioactive Man but I do find his performance to be the best at the first two are OK at best.



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