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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Lady Dorma with sound clips and images.
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Lady Dorma is one of the characters from the Sub Mariner franchise since her appearance in Marvel Comics during the fall of 1939. Much like the Sub Mariner himself whether if Lady Dorma is a protagonist or an antagonist can highly vary however there are certain consistent aspects about her such as she has had a very close relationship with Namor since their childhood (however in the 40's Dorma was Namor's cousin but in the late 60's/early 70's she was one of Namor's love interests). Lady Dorma's abilities is that she has a fully amphibious physiology (much like other Atlanteans) and she has Super Strength. Lady Dorma has been involved in different romantic triangles with her and Namor the Sub Mariner, the most popular choices for the 3rd character in the Triangle are either Susan Storm/Invisible Girl and the Warlord Krang. 

Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 10 2011


Today on the Marvel Universe VC section we have a little something for one of Prince Namor's love interests... LADY DORMA! We shall begin with the 60s Marvel Super Heroes series in which Lady Dorma was voiced by Peg Dixon (whom voiced all the other female characters in this series). Peg does one of her somewhat lower voices for this role as her Lady Dorma voice does have a suitably regal tone to it I was pleasantly surprised on Peg's performance though as it can sound very morally conflicted as she is not certain whom she is more loyal to. So in other words Peg Dixon's work as Lady Dorma is one of her better performances in that show.

Nearly 3 decades later Lady Dorma appeared for one episode in the 90s Fantastic Four series in which Jane Carr is the one whom voiced Lady Dorma here. While Lady Dorma's role in the storyline hasn't changed much Jane seems to play the role more as a flirty baroness than anything else but she does it fairly well. (However Jane's voice and performance for the role still does work in Dorma's more serious moments as well.) But still Jane Carr's performance did work for the role pretty and is a fairly good example of the voice work in the series. Overall both of these ladies did well in their own way for the role of Lady Dorma.



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