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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Kingpin / Wilson Fisk with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Marvel Universe

Kingpin is one of the more prominent villains in the Marvel world, and usually ends up in either the Spider-Man franchise or the world of Daredevil. He is a physically large and imposing crime-lord, often seen sporting a white suit-jacket and purple pants.  

Created by TylerMirage on Mar 10 2013
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In order of appearance on this voice compare...

1.) Tom Harvey - I'm usually not too fond of many of the "old-timey" portrayals of comic characters. To no fault of the voice actors themselves, mind you, it's just that different times call for different norms. Performances were just plain different back then (duh). But Tom Harvey gives a genuinely good performance, one that I think holds up well even when compared to contemporary versions of the characters. Tom's got a gruff and commanding voice that holds a strong tone whether he's speaking normally or shouting.

2.) Unknown Voice Actor - This performance of Kingpin is...unique. It's relatively high-pitched for Kingpin, and almost sounds "whiny". Probably the weakest of the bunch.

3.) Stan Jones - Stan does a pretty good job here. He gives off a very suave and sophisticated air about Kingpin.

4.) Walker Edmiston - Rather than going for a deep voice, this Kingpin seems to have a "sneering mad scientist"-vibe. And it works well enough.

5.) Roscoe Lee Browne - Ah, Roscoe Lee Browne. This is one of the most iconic performances from my childhood. His voice and performance as Kingpin is one of my fondest memories of the show. Roscoe's performance is, dare I say, almost as fantastic a pairing as Mark Hamill and The Joker. Roscoe has the perfect mix of growliness, deepness and sophistication to his voice.

6.) Michael Clarke Duncan - In order to capitalize from the success (relatively speaking) of the 2003 live-action Daredevil film, Michael Clarke Duncan - who portrayed the Kingpin in live-action - was cast as the voice of Kingpin. And considering that I loved MCD as the live-action Kingpin, I was obviously quite pleased that he was cast and the character was based off of that particular incarnation.

7.) David Sobolov - David's deep and growly voice is a good match for a lot of characters, but I really don't think it fits the typical Kingpin that well. It's much more gravelly than other versions, which I suppose works for a very dark portrayal of the character, as per the more "mature" content of the Punisher game.

8.) Bob Joles - There's just something I really like about Bob's voice as Kingpin. It's deep, but not too deep. It's cool, but doesn't sound out of character. It's just...great.

9.) Gregg Berger - Just like David Sobolov, Gregg gives his Kingpin a rough growl. And for some reason I like it better on Gregg's performance than on David's. It's just a powerhouse of a performance. In fact, there's many times during his performance he sounds scarily similar to Clancy Brown's Lex Luthor voice.

10.) Travis Willingham - Nothing really special to be said about Travis' performance. It was suitably deep and threatening for the role. I just wish that there was more good solid takes of his performance.

11.) Jim Cummings - A suitably deep and threatening voice, but almost too threatening. I hear Cummings' iconic voice, and although it's awesome, it makes Kingpin sound more "dangerous" and less "intimidating". I know that seems weird, but I think the Kingpin's voice should ooze class and sophistication, rather than be a typical villain voice.

12.) Stephen Stanton - Decent enough. Not too deep, not too light. But nothing much else to say about it.

13.) J.B. Blanc - I really like his take on Kingpin. Blanc's been swiftly moving up in the world of VO, and rightly so. Little details like his "struggling" breath due to his can just picture him in the recording booth physically playing up the part. Kingpin looks like a disgusting, fat man and he sounds like it, too. This is a crime boss who sits behind a desk all day smoking and eating, and when he manages to squeeze out from behind his desk, you know something bad's about to go down.

This is one of the rate cases where I find most of the voice actors to be suitable to the role for one reason or another. But my single top choice would have to go to Roscoe Lee Browne. Bob Joles and Gregg Berger would be my runner ups.   



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