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Batroc the Leaper

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Batroc the Leaper with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Marvel Universe

Batroc trained himself in while in the French Foreign Legion, and he later became a costumed mercenary as the Leaper. He typically works alone but has worked for several super villains in the past.

Created by Music Meister on Jan 4 2014


Unknown: I liked this performance, Unknown made Batroc not come off as evil but wasn't exactly your typical hero voice. That said, the accent is...well I have heard worse and better let's just say. Still, it was a decent performance from the show.

AJ Buckley: AJ plays Batroc a bit more comical, don't get me wrong just looking at this character I can't really take him seriously let alone his amazing powers of "leaping", and he does so well. His accent isn't great but it was decent. Batroc was only a one episode wonder and he didn't have much dialog but he was decent.

JB Blanc: JB was born in Paris so it was no surprise he did a very good French accent. JB plays a more serious Batroc but he does get a chance to show a dry sense of humor. JB is another great example of the Black Panther series.

Rob Paulsen: Rob, like AJ, plays a more comical version of Batroc and, if you know Rob's work this isn't a surprise, he is pretty funny in the role. His voice does remind me a bit of certain Sonic character. So this is another good example of Rob's work.

Overall I like JB the most. My second favorite is surprisingly AJ with Rob third, AJ's voice I feel could work outside of a comical while in episodes like "Venomous" Rob's voice is a bit too silly for more serious moments. That said, unknown is forth but really only because the accent isn't as good as some of the others.

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