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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Bombur with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 2
Franchise: Lord of the Rings

Bombur is one of the twelve dwarves who accompany Thorin Oakenshield on his quest to regain the treasure of Erebor.  He is by far the fattest dwarf in the Company, with a particular taste for pork pie and salad, as well as a propensity to fall asleep at inconvenient times.  He is also known to play the drum.  After the Battle of the Five Armies, he settled in Erebor, where he became so large that he needed six young dwarves just to move him from couch to table.

He is voiced by Paul Frees in the 1977 film, and Daran Norris in the 2003 video game.

Created on Feb 29 2020


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Who do you think has been the best from these Bombur voice actors?
Paul Frees
Daran Norris