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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Yosemite Sam with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Looney Tunes

Yosemite Sam is one the primary antagonists in the Looney Tunes franchise. Typically portrayed as a villainous prospector, cowboy, pirate, outlaw or what-have-you, he serves as an archenemy of Bugs Bunny (alongside Elmer Fudd). He's extremely short-tempered...and just plain short, too.

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Created by TylerMirage on Sep 24 2014


We're gettin' close, ya' varmints! Next in our celebration of having 2500 voice compares is that ornery, trigger-happy and vertically-challenged prospector... YOSEMITE SAM!

10.) Charlie Adler : Using the already-present Charlie for Yosemite's minor role in TTA was a logical choice. He's a versatile actor, and given the minimal role, it was far more efficient to get Charlie to voice him. His voice isn't perfect, but it's passable.

9.) Maurice LaMarche : Maurice's take on the character is a nice change of pace for him. It's different enough from his other roles (including his various other Looney Tunes roles), and if it weren't for the fact that his name was attached to the character, I would've never guessed it was him. He's got the growl in his voice and the angry attitude, which makes him an all right Yosemite.

8.) Bill Farmer : Adding to Bill's resume of Looney Tunes characters, he gets to dip his toe into the waters of Yosemite Sam! Even though his role in Space Jam was minimal, Bill makes a decent Yosemite. His voice isn't that deep, but-a the extra-a 'echo' he puts on some-a of his words are a nice touch.

7.) Joe Alaskey : In a similarly minor role to Bill's in Space Jam, Joe does a pretty good job. Nothing much to say about him either way.

6.) Greg Burson : Suitably angry and growly.

5.) Frank Gorshin : Frank appears to be doing his own thing, instead of trying to imitate Mel's original portrayal of the character, which I like. I just find that it lacks some of the energy of others' performances.

4.) Jim Cummings : Jim's naturally "Cajun"-accented voice is a really good fit for Yosemite, adding a more unique stamp to it, rather than just being an impression of Mel's voice.

3.) Jeff Bennett : Just like Maurice, Jeff's performance as Yosemite was a breath of fresh air. He's got the growl, he's got the ornery attitude and he's got the energy.

2.) Jeff Bergman : The second best, in my opinion. The greatest balance of gravelly voice, anger, energy and accent.

1.) Mel Blanc :  The original. While other VAs can come close to sounding like Mel, they all lack that little something that he had. There was just...something - a panache - that Mel oozed that others have failed to capture exactly. In a time when he was in an industry of one, Mel's versatility and range was astounding.



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