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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Tweety Bird with sound clips and images.
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Tweety has appeared in several different cartoons with his Looney Tunes co-stars but is typically the victim of Sylvester (though at the end the cartoon, Sylvester is the more beaten one). Tweety is a cute canary bird (although he is sometimes refered to as a "rare tweety bird in some shorts as a plot device) that is kind and innocent but has a quick mind both with humor and outsmarting "puddy dats".

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Our 2500th compare is drawing closer and keeping with the Looney Tunes characters why not do one of the most adorable, Tweety Bird! Just to keep with my Marvin Martian compare, I shall do my opinion the same way: 

6. Billy West / Jeff Bergman: While both of these actors are both talented and are by no means bad, they do feel less natural than the other actors. Still, both got the job done so decent overall.

5. Sam Vincent: While all of the actors in the show were at a disadvantage since they played "baby" versions of these characters I think Sam had all the right qualities despite that (to be fair Tweety hasn't been depicted as being that old). Still, Sam's voice is a tad bit too high pitch, I know it's to keep with sounding younger but I think if given a second chance Sam could go higher on my list.

4. Greg Burson / Eric Goldberg: I felt they got the voice right but with the limited dialog they couldn't show off more of Tweety's personality and wit.

3. Bob Bergen: Bob was great, doing Tweety's wit and the "child-talk" perfectly. He also got the voice right but one down side is he would slip into a slightly higher Porky Pig voice, not enough to hinder the performance but enough to bring him to third. Still a great voice for Tweety overall.

2. Joe Alaskey: Joe adds to his already impressive resume of Looney Tunes, matching Mel almost perfectly but at the same time putting enough of his own uniqueness to make it his own.

1. Mel Blanc: Again, Mel just owns this role. He made Tweety what he is, sweet and innocent yet sarcastic and witty. Mel makes Tweety just adorable but has more of a charm that I don't think some of his successors quite got.

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