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Sylvester the Cat

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sylvester the Cat with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 6
Franchise: Looney Tunes

While some aspects of Sylvester have changed depending on the media, Sylvester is typically a cat looking for food (whether it's because he is a stray cat or if he just wants to eat Tweety). Sylvester doesn't get his way most of the time, he's normally beaten or out witted by those that he hunts or is beaten up by some sort of bigger predator.

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With the 2500th compare coming closer and since we did Tweety not too long ago, let's take a look at Sylvester the cat!

6. Terry Klassen: He had a disadvantage with being the child version but it seems he sometimes forgot to add the lisp. Not bad but the weakest of these actors.

5. Jeff Bergman: He has the right voice and got the lisp right but needed to lower the voice a bit.

4. Bill Farmer: Like his other roles in the movie, Bill has very little work but despite this he got all the right qualities for Sylvester. Although it is funny to sometimes hear Goofy in the voice. 

3. Jeff Bennett: Jeff once again shows off his impression skills, he really got all of Sylvester's qualities. He needed a little more time to perfect the voice but was good overall.

2. Joe Alaskey: Joe does an almost perfect impression of Mel Blanc which is not surprising given his track record.

1. Mel Blanc: Once again Mel is the classic, he made the voice what it is today. While just a lower version of his Daffy, he was able to differ his performance enough so that it was hard to hear Daffy when he talked. Another one of Mel's best.

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