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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Porky Pig with sound clips and images.
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Porky Pig is a character of many words, but unfortunately he has a hard time saying them all. Porky is something of a mascot for The Looney Toons, and is seen quite frequently saying his catchphrase "That's all, folks!" to end the segment.

Created by solidejake on Sep 30 2014


Welcome fellow members of the BTVA community! It is with my great pleasure to add the 2,500th Voice Compare on the site. That's a huge accomplishment! It wouldn't have been possible without not only an amazing staff working hard to fill the database, but also an amazing community to share with. So thank you. And who better to celebrate such an accomplishment with than Porky Pig, arguably one of the most important cartoon characters in history? Without further ado, this is the Voice Compare for the legend himself, Porky Pig.

Joe Dougherty - Mr. Dougherty was the first actor to ever voice Porky Pig. He was infamous for having an uncontrollable stutter, which became one of the character's key-trademarks. Unfortunately, the stutter became a problem, as it could take hours to get the lines they needed, so Mr. Dougherty was let go. He did very well at starting what has become an icon.

Mel Blanc - Now a lot of people assume that Mel Blanc was the first person to voice Porky, but that is untrue. Mel did, however, voice Porky for over 50 years! Mel Blanc really supplied the character of Porky that we all know and love, and despite not technically being the first to voice him, any successor is trying to emulate Blanc.

Noel Blanc - Mel Blanc's son took over a few characters after the passing away of his father. As little work as he did, he certainly had his father's gifted vocals, and sounded great! It's too bad that he didn't pursue Voice Acting as a career choice.

Jeff Bergman - Mr. Bergman has taken over for Porky a few times, and he has done truly awesome every time. All I can say is that he is an amazing successor.

Billy West - Unfortunately, I could not find too much on his portrayal of Porky, but I did find his outro, which in and of itself, is quite good actually.

Rob Paulsen - Mr. Paulsen does a great job emulating the character, and definitely proves that he is capable of doing the character.

Joe Alaskey - As any of his Looney Toons characters, he does quite well, although I will say that there is a tad too much stuttering going on, which works sometimes, I would definitely praise this portrayal.

Greg Burson - I thought that Greg Burson's Porky was actually one of the best successors, and he doesn't seem to overdo any of the stuttering, and sets the right tone. So I say good job!

Bob Bergen - Now this, I believe, is the ultimate successor to Mel Blanc. In my honest opinion, I think that Bob Bergen's Porky Pig is extremely good. I am not a huge fan of the new show, but I do always like hearing Porky say something wacky! So a sincere congratulations to Mr. Bergen.

Now for my final verdict, I really think that Mel Blanc owned this character like no other. I love watching Looney Toons with Porky Pig in them, because he's quite the character. With that said, I would give Bob Bergen credit for being the best successor to the character, and really capturing his personality. Thank you everyone for supporting the website, and with that I say of the Looney Toons Voice Compare Week...

"Th-th-th That's All Folks!"



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