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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Massive with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Looney Tunes

Massive is a supporting character from Loonatics Unleashed, a sort of superhero/superteam alternate reality to the "normal" (if you can call it that) Looney Tunes franchise. He is a large (one could even say massive, hue hue hue) villain who has the power to control gravity. This ability, combined with his nigh-impenatrable body, allows him to easily commit crimes - his penchant being robbery.
Created by TylerMirage on Jan 1 2018
Loonatics Unleashed (2005)
MassiveKevin Michael Richardson
Kevin Michael Richardson
Loonatics Unleashed (2005)
MassiveMichael Clarke Duncan
Michael Clarke Duncan


With a name like "Massive", you need a performer who can live up to that moniker, and they didn't come more massive than the late Michael Clarke Duncan. A master of deep, resonant voices, Michael manages to convey a great amount of personality in his delivery, instead of it just being a generic, deep bad guy voice. 

In Massive's later appearance in the series, Kevin Michael Richardson took over the role. This would not be the last time that KMR replaced MCD, and for good reason, as Kevin's one of the few actors out there who can convincingly double for Michael's ocean-deep voice. While recognizably Kevin, it's a close enough match to Michael that most younger audience members probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. 

While both are great in the role, and KMR is a perfect replacement for MCD, my vote's going to Michael. 



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said at 5:40 PM on Mon Jan 1 2018
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Now all we need is Troy Baker and Vin Diesel here.
said at 8:23 AM on Tue Jan 2 2018
@Metabad I am Groot.
said at 3:24 PM on Mon Jan 1 2018
 1 Shout Out!
Michael definitely!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:25 PM on Mon Jan 1 2018
 13 Shout Outs!
The more I stare at the thumbnail for this compare the more I love it.
said at 12:01 PM on Mon Jan 1 2018
 1 Shout Out!
Michael definitely gets this, but Kevin is still really good. He just has a bit more gravitas to the voice.
said at 11:11 AM on Mon Jan 1 2018
 3 Shout Outs!
I'm going to go with the late, great MCD here.
Lord Vok
said at 10:57 AM on Mon Jan 1 2018
 6 Shout Outs!
This is the most out of place addition to a voice compare section in any franchise.
said at 2:52 PM on Sun Jan 14 2018
@Lord Vok - And that's what happens when you remove context lol
said at 10:27 AM on Mon Jan 1 2018
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Saw the image and thought “That sounds like a character KMR would do”. Lo and behold!
Shaun Ince
said at 10:26 AM on Mon Jan 1 2018
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While I was never a huge fan of this show, I was a fan of this character in the show. Michael Clarke Duncan is really awesome in this role. My vote goes to him without question. Kevin Michael Richardson is an almost flawless replacement.
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Michael Clarke Duncan
Kevin Michael Richardson