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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Marvin the Martian with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 11
Franchise: Looney Tunes

Marvin is a Martian and while his goal can vary slightly (take over the Earth, capture species from Earth, ect) his most recurring goal is to blow up the Earth (with an Earth shattering kaboom) but is normally foiled by Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck (or should I say Duck Dodgers in the 241⁄2th century). Marvin is very intelligent and egotistical and has invented several creations like ray guns and clones but Marvin is also very easily fooled and distracted.

Created by Music Meister on Sep 21 2014
Special thanks to Bry for additional sound clips.


Hello everyone, to count down Behind the Voice Actor's 2500 voice compare the compares leading up to it will be Looney Tunes related. So I will start it with Marvin the Martian, isn't that lovely?
For this VC I wanted to do my opinion a little differently:
7.Rob Paulsen: While Rob is a very talented voice actor I felt he was the weakest of the actors here. The voice is too high for Marvin and I can't help but hear Rob trying to sound like Marvin then actually hearing Marvin himself. Not one of Rob's finest but it got the job done so not all bad.

6. Damon Jones: Damon has the closer pitch for Marvin but he sounds like someone trying to sound like Marvin. I will say Damon was at a big disadvantage since he played Marvin in one song and not a very good one (with awkward lyrics like that I doubt any of these actors could make it sound believable). 

5. Eric Goldberg: More natural than Damon but Eric has a line every once in a while that sounds a little forced and his acting is a little wooden at times. It's still one of Back in Action's better voices but decent overall.

4. Neil Ross / Bob Bergen: While both had limited material, they both sound pretty natural with the voice. Also, I am impressed with both actors, while Bob is no stranger to the Looney Tunes franchise I had no idea that Neil could do a good Marvin voice. Nice change of pace for both.

3.Mel Blanc: *gasp* I'm putting Mel not as 1st but as third, what betrayal! Seriously though, while I respect and admire Mel for creating the voice he did take a while to polish the voice and even when he did I felt he didn't quite master it. He felt like he couldn't quite emote as well as his other roles and a line once in a while sounded a little strained. Of course Mel did have his highlights such a giving Marvin a more calm approach and making his 'angry' moments quite comical and of course made memorable delivery on lines like"Where's the kaboom, there was suppose to be an Earth shattering kaboom". So Mel wasn't bad and is a classic, I felt two perfected the voice a little more.

2. Eric Bauza: I like Eric's take, he brought out a more "super villain" version and technically Marvin is a super villain so it makes sense. He was able to be be funny but still having a pretty threatening tone to him. While I wish Eric could have been a little more energetic, I think this is one of Eric's finest roles.

1. Joe Alaskey: I felt Joe perfected the role of Marvin, portraying Marvin in almost any version. He could be a threatening villain, a coward, being sarcastic, being louder or what ever he needs and keeps the voice sounding natural the whole time. Probably one of his best Looney Tune voices, in my opinion.

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