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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Henery Hawk with sound clips and images.
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Henery Hawk is one of the various characters in the Looney Tunes universe whose debut was in the classic short "The Squawkin Hawk" in August 8,1942. Henery is a small little brown Chicken Hawk who often speaks with a Tough Gu Bravado as he is determined to capture (and presumably eat) chicken, however he lives a sheltered life so he is not exactly sure what a Chicken is but knows that he is suppose to eat them.Henery is a known adversary of Looney Tunes star Foghorn Leghorn as while Henery is determined to catch chicken in which both Foghorn and Barnyard Dawg frequently take advantage of Henery's naive nature by manipulating him into thinking that the other is a chicken. While Henery is known as a secondary character to Foghorn Leghorn, Foghorn was originally intended to be a secondary character to Henery but due to how popular Foghorn became it was Henery who became a recurring secondary character.

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Today on the Looney Tunes VC section we take a look at this diminutive seeker of poultry... HENERY HAWK! Let us begin!

Kent Rogers- Kent's voice and performance were a pretty natural fit for the young chicken hawk as it suited Henery's impulsive youthful determined nature well. So in other words its a fine example of his work and of the voice work in the classic shorts.

Mel Blanc-   Well first of all yes this is indeed another classic example of Mel's work in the Looney Tunes franchise. Mel's voice and performance suited the role well as the young chicken hawk who is determined to get chickens but also make him endearingly naive as well so like I said before this is another classic example of Mel's work here.

Joe Alaskey- Joe does a decent impression for Henery (even if it is a slightly lower version of his Tweety Bird voice). But in all fairness Henery was a rather minor bit role in the movie so Joe did a decent job with what little he got.

Ben Falcone- Ben's voice and performance suited the role pretty well, granted Ben seems to be playing up Henery's "temperamental brat" persona a bit more in the show but it still does genuinely work with the role and is a good example of the show's voice work.

Damon James- Damon's singing voice for the role here is pretty good, even though is it just me or does he occasionally sound like Eric Cartman? But anyways Damon James singing performance as Henery is another interesting example of the show's voice work.

Overall I am going with Kent and Mel the most though out of the more modern voices I guess I liked Ben Falcone a bit more.



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