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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Elmer Fudd with sound clips and images.
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Elmer Fudd is one of the more prominent characters in the Looney Tunes franchise. He serves as the main antagonist (together with Yosemite Sam) for Bugs Bunny. Just as it is Wile E. Coyote's goal to hunt The Road Runner, Fudd's sole mission in life is to hunt that wascawwy wabbit.

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The life and origin of Elmer Fudd is a tricky one. The character's beginnings show that he was always that angry hunter, bound and determined on getting that rabbit. He began his life as "Egghead", a simple, bulbous-nosed hunter, and eventually moving on to become "Elmer Fudd, Peace Maker". Though it wasn't until the 1940s when his physical appearance and personality morphed into what we now know and recognize as the 'traditional' Elmer Fudd. And as such, we will be including his early "Egghead" appearances in this voice compare.

11.) Roy Rogers : This was the first time that the character was referred to as "Elmer Fudd". He was a quiet, polite man (driving a jalopy with the equivalent of a license plate that reads "PEECMKR") who drove into town in an attempt to stop a feuding family of farmers. There's nothing wrong with his performance, per se, it's just that the character had yet to come into that iconic portrayal of Elmer.

10.) Danny Webb : Elmer's first appearance, in the form of Egghead, showcases what would eventually become Elmer's lot in life: NOT catching what he's hunting. Nothing much to say about Danny's performance. It's a bit raspy, but still not what we've come to expect from Elmer.

9.) Mel Blanc : A minimal role, but here you can, uh, hear that Mel does a pretty good job.

8.) Brian Drummond : Playing a younger version of Elmer, Brian's performance is adequate. He's got the laugh and he's got the speech impediment. It's just difficult to properly compare a 'baby' voice to an adult voice of the same character.

7.) Frank Welker : Appearing in a cameo role, the already-present Frank was asked to fill in for Elmer. He does an adequate job, and I can imagine that he would've been pretty good if he was given more material.

6.) Hal Smith : Now this is the part of the rankings where I feel that the really good performances start. Hal's got just the right mix of everything for Elmer.

5.) Joe Alaskey : A bit gravelly for my tastes, but still a decent effort.

4.) Arthur Q. Bryan : Arthur's performance gives Elmer a nice, soft side to his character, which I like.

3.) Jeff Bergman : Now we reach the Macho Man section of the rankings ("the creeaaaammmm of the crop!"). I really, really like Jeff's voice for Elmer.

2.) Greg Burson : Similar to Bergman's - Greg falls into the second-place spot.

1.) Billy West : Known for voicing Elmer in pretty much all of his recent appearances, I can totally understand why. Billy's voice is the one that I think of as the quintessential Elmer voice. The perfect voice, the perfect laugh, the perfect lisp, the perfect attitude.



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