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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Captain Harlock with sound clips and images.

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Harlock is a space pirate famous throughout the galaxy as the captain of the Arcadia. He has appeared in numerous works of creator Leiji Matsumoto spanning more than 30 years.

Harlock's English dub debut starts in the 1980s and these titles were among some of the first anime properties brought over to the West.

Galaxy Express 999 the anime film was originally licensed by New World Pictures and had its theatrical debut in the early 1980s. Tony Pope voiced Harlock in this dub but like many early American localized anime was edited to rename some characters and had its original running time shortened.

Around the same time ZIV International released a few episodes of the 1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock anime TV series and Harlock was voiced by Richard Rossner.

In 1985 Harmony Gold combined both the 1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock series with the Queen Millennia TV series. It was known to American audiences as Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years. In this project Harlock was voiced by Michael McConnohie.

In 1987 the anime film Arcadia of My Youth was released in the US and Harlock was voiced by Lanny Broyles.

More than 10 years after the original debut, Viz Media acquired the license for Galaxy Express 999 in 1996 and re-dubbed the film with The Ocean Group with a more faithful adaptation. Scott McNeil voiced Harlock and would also reprise the role in the sequel Adieu Galaxy Express 999 in 1997.

ADV Films with Monster Island released the Queen Emeraldas series in 1999 with Ken Webster voicing Harlock.

2001 saw Central Park Media acquire the license for Harlock Saga. Matt Hoverman voiced Harlock in this dub by TAJ Productions.

In 2002 Media Blasters with Bang Zoom! Entertainment released a dub for Cosmo Warrior Zero. Harlock was voiced by Steve Blum who would also reprise the role for the Gun Frontier dub in 2003.

In 2004 Space Pirate Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey was licensed by Geneon Entertainment. Bang Zoom also dubbed this series but Harlock (Herlock in this show) was voiced by Lex Lang.

After multiple years in development the English dub of the 3D CGI anime film Space Pirate Captain Harlock finally premiered in 2014. Harlock was voiced by David Matranga.

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