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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Nightmare with sound clips and images.

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The first thing Kirby had to a real, straight-out, evil-for-the-sake of evil villain, Nightmare is the antagonist of the series's second game, Kirby's Adventure. A demonic being who poisoned the Fountain of Dreams, infecting all of Dream Land with horrible nightmares, the only way to contain him was by breaking up the Star Rod. Unfortunately, because the one who did that was King Dedede, Kirby wound up releasing Nightmare by reassembling the Rod, thinking Dedede had greedy plans of his own with it. Luckily though, they were able to quickly reverse things by using the Star Rod to vanquish Nightmare once and for all.

In the anime, Nightmare owns the mysterious, galaxy-spanning NME Corporation, which profits by selling monsters that destroy and claim worlds for him to conquer. Though usually represented by his trusty customer service representative, Nightmare himself appears in the series's final few episodes and reveals himself as the true mastermind.

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I gotta say it's pretty rare to hear Andrew Rannells hamming it up in a villainous role like this. All things considered, he slips into the part pretty well, playing Nightmare just as the gleefully-wicked villain he is. Michael Sinterniklaas, just like as Takumi, is a pretty effortless replacement, sounding almost scarily similar.



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