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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Bagheera with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Jungle Book

Bagheera is a black panther who discovers Mowgli and leaves him to a pack of wolves to care for him. When Shere Khan returns to the jungle, Bagheera makes it his mission to bring Mowgli to the nearest man village and keep him there.
Created by CatsTuxedo on Aug 17 2010
The Jungle Book (1967) (1967)
BagheeraSebastian Cabot
Sebastian Cabot
Mowgli's Brothers (1976)
BagheeraRoddy McDowall
Roddy McDowall
Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli (1989)
BagheeraArthur Grosser
Arthur Grosser
Creative Reader: The Jungle Book (1995)
BagheeraClive Revill
Clive Revill
Adventures of Mowgli (1996)
BagheeraDana Delany
Dana Delany
Jungle Cubs (1996)
Bagheera (Adult)Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings
Jungle Cubs (1996)
BagheeraElizabeth Daily
Elizabeth Daily
Jungle Cubs (1996)
BagheeraDee Bradley Baker
Dee Bradley Baker
The Jungle Book 2 (2003)
BagheeraBob Joles
Bob Joles
The Jungle Book (2016) (2016)
BagheeraBen Kingsley
Ben Kingsley


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said at 10:58 PM on Tue Jul 10 2018
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Sebastian wins easily. His voice suited Bagheera perfectly. Bob does a very good job imitating him and Roddy, Clive, and Ben do quite well in their own ways too, especially the latter. Jim, however, is nothing special, Arthur is very lackluster, and as for Megan- uh, no. I agree with the one who said she would have worked better as Kaa. Dee and Elizabeth both work well enough voicing Bagheera as a youth.
said at 3:34 AM on Sun Sep 3 2017
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My vote goes to Sebastian Cabot. He sounds the wisest and most gentle of all the incarnations of Bagheera. But he also knows when to give the character authoritative power in his voice.

That said Ben Kingsley is easily my favourite voice in the remake. He almost comes close to equaling if not succeeding Sebastian IMO. The only reason he doesn't is that he does sound a little too aggressive and gruff. But overall I loved his performance!

Bob Joles is a very good impression of Sebastian but there's something about it that sounds a bit off and I can't put my finger on it.

Jim Cummings is even way off though. He makes Bagheera sound like he has a frog in his throat and you can tell its him voicing the character. Not one of his strongest roles.

For the younger versions of the character I slightly lean towards Elizabeth Daily since she sounds more authoritative to me. Though Dee Bradley Baker does a good job too.

Everyone else does fine with their versions of the character.
said at 10:13 AM on Fri Aug 25 2017
1. Sebastian Cabot
2. Bob Joles
3. Ben Kingsley
said at 7:40 PM on Thu Apr 6 2017
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Clive is pretty good, I will put him fourth
Shaun Ince
said at 5:18 PM on Thu Apr 6 2017
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Clive is pretty good as Bagheera.
said at 3:10 PM on Thu Apr 6 2017
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Clive Revill is pretty good, although the game format gives him some awkward dialogue. I'd put him at Number 5, after Sebastian, Ben, Roddy, and Bob.
said at 9:57 AM on Mon Mar 13 2017
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Sebastian Cabot and Bob Joles are the best Bagheera voices.

Jim Cummings is a great person but I felt he was rather miscast as Bagheera. Maybe his voice is too easy to spot with a character like Bagheera.
said at 6:03 AM on Tue May 9 2017
Another good casting choice on the Creative Reader one with Clive Revill.
said at 5:41 PM on Sat Jan 28 2017
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Sebastian Cabot & Bob Joles work best for the adult Bagheera, and Dee Bradley Baker does best as the cub Bagheera for me.

Dana Delany and especially Jim Cummings are miscast to me here- the former being a bit too effeminate, with the latter being instantly recognizable yet light on this one.
EPA Deane
said at 4:04 PM on Mon Mar 13 2017
@WrightWay No Love For Ben Kingsley's version?
said at 4:54 PM on Mon Mar 13 2017
@EPA Deane
Ben's sort of middling for me in the part: he's decent as Bagheera, but I don't feel he is as amazing as Sebastian or Bob are here, if that makes sense.
said at 7:12 PM on Fri Jan 13 2017
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Man does dee sound feminine.
said at 5:39 PM on Sat Jan 28 2017
That's exactly what I was thinking, honestly, can't believe that's him- interesting display of range from Dee here.
said at 6:36 AM on Sat Sep 17 2016
I was never too fond of the Disney interpretation of Bagheera as the hard-nosed schoolmaster type.
I prefer McDowell's take, making him smooth and just a little imposing, more like the character Kipling created.
said at 11:16 AM on Mon Sep 5 2016
Seb's women quote was a classic he was both comedy and good for the role.
said at 11:42 AM on Wed May 18 2016
1. Sebastian Cabot
2. Bob Joles
3. Ben Kingsley
4. Roddy McDowall
5. Arthur Grosser
6. Elizabeth Daily
7. Jim Cummings
8. Dana Delaney
9. Dee Bradley Baker
said at 10:19 PM on Fri May 13 2016
1. Sebastian Cabot
2. Bob Joles
3. Ben Kingsley
4. Dee Bradley Baker
5. E.G Daily
6. Roddy McDowall
7. Dana Delaney
8. Arthur Grosser
9. Jim Cummings
said at 2:08 PM on Mon Apr 18 2016
Cabot is my favorite voice of Bagheera. It's a shame Disney never found someone who resemble him enough.
said at 7:22 PM on Tue Apr 19 2016
@Francesco92e I think Bob Joles is as close to Sebastian Cabot.
said at 2:33 PM on Sat May 7 2016
@CartoonFanatic1993 The closest of the ones yes
Shaun Ince
said at 8:03 PM on Sat Apr 16 2016
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Sebastian Cabot is my personal favorite voice for Bagheera. That being said, Ben Kingsley is really great too. One of the best casting choices for Bagheera in this new Jungle Book movie.
said at 11:25 PM on Fri Apr 15 2016
Kingsley I think is a perfect successor to Sebastian Cabot's version of the character. Joles is good but a little too deep for my liking.
said at 11:18 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
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Maybe it's just me or Roddy sounds kinda like David Hayter
1 Bob Joles
2 Sebastian Cabot
3 Roddy McDowell
4 Ben Kingsley
5 Jim Cummings(Singing)
6 Elizabeth Daily
7 Dee Bradley Baker- it's a bit better in the actual show but still kinda generic
8 Dana Delaney- blandish voice
9 Arthur Grosser- even more blandish voice
10 Jim Cummings (speaking) Strong and terrible sounding trace of Tigger and far too light
said at 7:32 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
Roddy sounds really smoother as Bagheera.
said at 5:53 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
1. Bob Joles
2. Sebastian Cabot
3. Ben Kingsley
4. Roddy McDowell
5. Arthur Grosser
6. Jim Cummings
7. E.G. Daily
8. Dee Bradley Baker
9. Dana Delaney
said at 2:35 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
1. Sebastian Cabot
2. Ben Kingsley
3. Roddy McDowell
4. Bob Joles - Good match for Sebastian, but comes across overall as too goofy.
5. Arthur Grosser
6. Elizabeth Daily
7. Jim Cummings - Sounds too much like Tigger.
8. Dee Bradley Baker - Wow! I'm getting shades of TFS Gohan!
9. Dana Delaney - Wrong kind of show!
said at 2:49 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
@Kioea Actually, thinking further on this, Dana sounds like she could've worked better for Kaa. But perhaps not for the version in that movie.
said at 11:29 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
@Kioea Jim's singing on the PS1 title is way better than his speaking voice to be fair
said at 11:04 AM on Wed Apr 13 2016
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Grosser's resemblance to Burt Reynolds is uncanny.

Meanwhile, Delany's performance can be neatly summarized as "Daddy would like to watch this alone if you don't mind".
said at 2:06 PM on Tue Mar 22 2016
Sebastian: an awesome version for an awesome movie
said at 4:11 PM on Fri Feb 26 2016
Disney should've used Sebastian Cabot in more of their movies. I'm giving my vote to him.

Bob is decent, though he didn't have that much to work with considering that Bagheera doesn't have all that much screentime in the sequel. Hopefully he gets the chance to voice Bagheera again.

BONUS OPTION: If Bob Joles is ever unavailable, I think Jeff Bennett would make a good Bagheera.
said at 9:19 AM on Tue Jan 13 2015
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1 Bob
2 Sebastian
3 Jim
4 Elizabeth
5 Dee
said at 5:40 AM on Sat Oct 11 2014
Bagheera is stated to be British, but he doesn't sound it to me, compared to Hathi and Shere Khan.
said at 8:29 AM on Mon Sep 30 2013
Dee & Elizabeth are the young version of Bagheera so they don't count for me but if I were 2 pick one i'd say Liz cause Dee makes his voice sound too much like a girl & I think this is 1 of his worst roles ever.

Sebastian is my fav as he was the original & 1 of the greatest of voice actors.

Bob did a good impression but Jim didn't really fit the role.
said at 12:31 PM on Thu Oct 10 2013
@Ross123 Elizabeth sounds more girly than Dee (since she actually is a girl). The video that clip was grabbed from pitched up Bagheera's voice higher than how it actually sounded like on the show.
said at 11:16 AM on Fri Oct 11 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus thanks for telling me that as I wouldn't have known.
said at 9:18 AM on Tue Jan 13 2015
@Ross123 Jim is better in singing in the PS1 game(now if we're talking about that clip... terrible)
said at 4:01 PM on Thu Jan 15 2015
@HienFan Personally I didn't enjoy Jim's performance as Bagheera like I mentioned in my comment. So there's a high chance I won't enjoy his speaking performance in the game.

Though I might out his singing in the game as I haven't heard it.
said at 8:13 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
@Ross123 Jim doesn't speak in that game, he just sings, the speaking role is Bob but apparently Bob couldn't sing if they had to hire Jim to sing for Bagheera
said at 1:25 PM on Sat Jan 17 2015
@HienFan Oh, I thought you were talking about Jim's speaking being terrible in that game. I misread your comment, my bad.

With that being said, I find this quite surprising as Jim's singing is usually pretty good.
said at 11:38 PM on Sun Jan 18 2015
@Ross123 His singing is good(although it sounds more like Pete than Bagheera) but the clip on this site where he speaks is terrible

Either way give me Sebastion or Bob for overall Bagheera
said at 10:47 PM on Thu Mar 5 2015
@Ross123 And I heard Dee Bradley Baker outside this site, it is lower than in this clip but I still prefer Elizabeth but the only reason I'd play Jim third is for his singing otherwise he can be last for his horrible speaking voice
said at 7:59 AM on Sat Mar 7 2015
@HienFan Galactic_Cyrus already clarified that Dee's voice sounding the way it does in that clip a while ago. So I know he sounds different from the clip in the actual show.

I suppose Jim's singing is his saving grace for the role of Bagheera.
said at 1:12 PM on Wed Sep 25 2013
Is that really Dee Bradley Baker? Sounds just like a girl.
said at 12:30 PM on Thu Oct 10 2013
@doodleboy The clip makes the voice sound higher than it was on the show.
said at 7:48 AM on Sat Aug 31 2013
Sebastian Cabot is the best Bagheera, Bob Joles is second close. For young Bagheera; Dee Bradley Baker wins, Elizabeth Daily sounds too feminine.
said at 3:06 PM on Sat May 11 2013
I'm only comparing The Jungle Book with The Jungle Book 2. Only because it's a direct sequel and they were made so far apart that they needed new VA's anyway.

The Jungle Cub I'll look at separately but idk how a woman and Jim Cummings can voice the same character. Makes me wonder what their take on the character for that show was but I guess I'll find out.
said at 1:49 AM on Tue Jul 2 2013
@Axx There was a DVD(or something like that) that retold the climax scene of the film where Adukt Bagheera and Adult Baloo tells Shere Khan te event of a few episodes.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 11:22 PM on Tue Jan 22 2013
Cabot, no doubt. But Bob Joles was a great replacement.
said at 12:10 PM on Fri Dec 16 2011
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Sebastian Cabot was best in the role and Bob Joles is a perfect impression of that. Dee Bradley Baker does the better cub Bagheera too. Elizabeth Daily and Jim Cummings were miscasts.
said at 7:22 AM on Wed May 16 2012
@Galactic_Cyrus I agree I don't like how Bagheera in Season One is Tommy Pickles
said at 10:17 PM on Sat Aug 13 2011
Elizabeth really did a nice job on young Bagheera's voice. I also like the way the adult Bagheera voices sound

Child Bagheera: Elizabeth Daily
Teenage Bagheera: Jim Cummings
Young Adult Bagheera: Sabastion Cabot
Adult Bagheera: Bob Joles
said at 3:11 AM on Sun May 22 2011
Jim Cummings doesn't even sound close to Sebastian Cabot or Bob Joles
said at 6:03 PM on Fri May 20 2011
Elizabeth Daily sounds too similar to Tommy Pickles and Buttercup
said at 5:59 PM on Fri May 20 2011
Bob Joles FTW!
He sounds just like Sebastian Cabot
not to mention Joles voiced Frostbite on Danny Phantom
So he has my vote
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