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Dio Brando

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Dio Brando with sound clips and images.
Franchise: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

An evil vampire who exudes pure evil, Dio is the most prominent villain in the saga of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Originally taken in by the Joestar family, Jonathan learned quickly that Dio was bad news. He acquires the Stone Mask and becomes one of history's most notorious and murderous vampires. Though Jonathan thought he defeated Dio during their final showdown, Dio returns to behead Jonathan and steal his body. From there, he becomes the villain of Stardust Crusaders, lying in wait in Egypt for the final showdown with Joseph and Jotaro. Even after death, he leaves a large influence, and even family, on the series to come - until the universe is rebooted anyway. Dio is sadistic, sociopathic, and a tad dramatic. His Stand, The World, possesses the power to freeze time.

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Well... I'll do my best.
Andrew Chaikin: Andrew goes for a more subdued take on Dio, which fits the OVA's overall darker tone than the series. I actually have a soft spot for his performance, it's one of the most memorable from the OVA's dub. I think the direction clearly shows the crew and cast were new to dubbing anime, but Andrew still turns in as good work as possible with those conditions.
Patrick Seitz: Patrick hams it up far more. He's better in Stardust Crusaders when they don't make everybody do those ridiculous accents. Despite Patrick being more experienced in dubbing, I just can't shake that he doesn't quite click with me as "Dio" rather than "Patrick as Dio". Despite all that he's probably about as good as a non-union Dio in 2017 could've been.
Overall: Takehito Koyasu. (And Isshin Chiba.)



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