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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of M with sound clips and images.

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M is the title of the head of MI6, which has been held by several individuals in the James Bond series. M is not only 007's boss, but sometimes a parental figure and welcome sign of sanity in his adventures.

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M is, like Q, Moneypenny and Bond himself, different to compare because it is a role played by different actors who have been impersonated by different actors. M is particular unique in that it is a role played by both male and female performers, emulating either Bernard Lee or Judi Dench.

Bond games released in the 1990s and early 2000s featured Dench's M, played by Caron Pascoe in the majority of these appearences and Samantha Eggar in Nightfire. Both actresses do a good job imitating Dench's cool authoritarian style, but as the script gives them little to do other than briefings, any further analysis is difficult.

In the later years, Dench herself took over the role in every computer game appearence since Everything or Nothing, and brings a special something to the game. She also gets a chance to be more emotional than earlier Ms. Finally, Peter Renaday appears as Bernard Lee's M, and gives such a perfect imitation that I have to give him second place.


1.Judi Dench
2. Peter Renaday
3. Caron Pascoe
4. Samantha Eggar


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Caron Pascoe
Samantha Eggar
Peter Renaday
Judi Dench