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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Melter with sound clips and images.
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Melter is one of the various members of Iron Man's Rogues Gallery whom made his comic book debut in Tales of Suspense #47 in November of 1963. The Melter's Alter Ego is Bruno Horgan whom created his Melter suit that has the ability to shoot a heat ray that can melt all sorts of metal. Bruno Horgan is an Industrialist whom created the Melter suit because Bruno was driven into Bankruptcy when a Government Safety Inspection team discovered that Bruno was using inferior materials which was why Tony Stark received the Defense Contracts that his business needed. While the Melter originally worked alone in his Super-Villain career he is normally a Henchman of a more known Super Villain such as Baron Zemo.

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Today on the Iron Man VC section we take a look at this Malicious Metal-Melting Miscreant... MELTER! We will begin with Marvel Super Heroes where he was voiced by the late Bernard Cowen. Bernard seems to be trying to go for a good old fashioned hammy Super Villain performance in which he does a pretty good job at it. While Melter may have been a one-trick pony that is one of Baron Zemo's lackies but Bernard does give a fairly energetic performance that does suit the role pretty well. While Bernard's work as Melter is above average at best in general its probably one of his better performances in that show at least.

Melter didn't really appear in any adaptation with voice acting until about over 4 decades later when Melter had a bit role as one of the bosses in the Iron Man game in which he was voiced by Gavin Hammon. Gavin's work is decent as he seems to be playing the role a bit younger than the other 2 VA's here but that is not necessarily a bad thing as Gavin's performance does a decent job in making it work. Gavin seems to be trying to play Melter as someone whom is a little too fixated on the idea of beating Tony Stark in which Gavin does show some potential for the role as his performance even has a slight touch of creepiness to it. Unfortunately Melter didn't have all that many lines in that game but I suppose I can't really blame Gavin for that but its still a decent performance anyways.

In Super Hero Squad Show, Melter was an occasional lackey of Dr. Doom whom had the same VA which is Charlie Adler. I was pleasantly surprised with Charlie's voice for the role as it is a bit lower and smoother (though I suppose it makes sense since most of his roles on the show have higher-pitched voices). But still Charlie seems to be playing Melter as a rather smug fellow whom thinks that some of these dirtier jobs are beneath him in which Charlie does a pretty good job with that. While Charlie Adler's work as Melter is only a pretty good example of his work in general it is a good example of the voice work in the show. Overall I suppose I will go with Bernard Cowan and Charlie Adler the most with Gavin Hammon at a decent second.



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