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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Howard Stark with sound clips and images.
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in the 90's Iron Man series Howard Stark was oddly enough generally referred to by his middle name as Walter Stark though the 2nd episode he was in did confirm that his full name was Howard Walter Stark in that show.

Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 22 2011
Special thanks to Jackson_H, UltimateCharm, Music Meister for additional sound clips.


Today on the Iron Man VC section we have a VC for Tony Stark's father... HOWARD STARK! We shall begin this with the 90's Iron Man series in which Howard appeared in two episodes and was voiced by a different VA in each episode. On the 1st episode that Howard Stark appeared in during the 1st season he was voiced by Neil Ross (in which Neil's Howard Stark voice  did sound pretty similar to his Dr. Benton Quest voice from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law). Neil's voice and performance for Howard Stark did have a older intellectual feel in which Howard Stark may come off as a bit uptight but is actually a firm but fair authority figure. During the 2nd season Howard appeared for one episode and Peter Renaday got to take over the role in which Howard was older in that episode. (There was also a different reason why Howard would sound different in that episode but I won't reveal it due to spoilers.) But still like what Neil Ross did with the role Peter's overall work had a firm but fatherly feel to it as well even if Howard did get a bit more mellow in that episode. Both performances are good examples of the voice work in the show and are pretty good examples of their respective VA's work as well.

In the Invincible Iron Man movie John McCook gets to take over the role in which John also tried to play the role as a firm but fatherly authority figure and was fairly successful at it. While Howard Stark didn't get all that many lines in the movie John's performance does suit the role pretty well and does give a fairly memorable performance as Tony's father. While John's performance for the role is a above average performance in general but it is a good example of the voice work in the movie nevertheless.

In a few episodes of Iron Man Armored Adventures Fred Henderson gets to take over the role and while he does sound a bit younger than his predecessors (which considering how much "Plot Aging" the show does is understandable) but Fred's voice for the role is still genuinely suiting for the role. Fred's performance had a genuinely warm and fatherly tone while also fitting on how Howard was a firm but genuinely respectable authority figure for his company. Fred's performance for the role was not only a good example of the voice work in the show but is probably one of Fred Henderson's better performances. Overall I am not entirely sure who to go with as all of these guys did the role rather well in their own way.

(Update: Liam O'Brien plays Howard Stark in the Captain America: Super Soldier game while Stephen Collins plays Howard Stark in Avengers Assemble. Liam's work on the role is decent but rather generic and indistinct as Liam's performance is pretty good but his voice was average at best really. Stephen however was pretty good in the role as while Liam his voice was covered by rather heavy vocal static effects Stephen still did pretty well with the role. Stephen's voice was pretty good but his performance was rather noteworthy as it sounded suitably fatherly as it sounded warm but also a bit regretful as well. So in other words Liam's work was decent but weak while I will tie Stephen with the earlier clips in this VC.)



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