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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Fin Fang Foom with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Iron Man

(Note: We at BTVA are aware that Steven Jay Blum voiced Fin Fang Foom in Super Hero Squad Show and David Kaye voiced Fin Fang Foom in Iron Man Armored Adventures. However, Fin never spoke in those shows. And while Fin originated in his own stand-alone comics during the 60's, he became such a known fixture of the Iron Man storyline we figured it would be best for Fin to be in Iron Man's section.)

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 10 2010
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And now for this mighty Dragon (that is often of Alien Origin) whom is an almighty being by the name of FIN FANG FOOM! His voice acting debut was in the Iron Man animated series from the 90's in which he is voiced by VA Neil Ross. And while Neil is a fine VA I am kind of iffy about this as how his Fin voice is a little too high to be honest. (And while he did slightly lower his voice for Fin's 3rd and last episode "Beast Within" but there is not that much different.) But to be fair other than that his Fin voice is not that bad as his voice does have a bit of a raspy demonic tone. Overall an okay performance but Neil Ross has done better though.

And Fin didn't get a speaking role a little over a decade later in Marvel Ultimate Alliance in which he was voiced by James Sie. And while you can tell that there was vocal modification involved (not that I am complaining) I did like on how Fin did have a bit of a lower and more beastly voice. While Fin only had a few lines in that game as one of the "Boss" characters James did do a fairly good job at giving a menacing performance for Fin here.

Overall neither performance is all that perfect for the role but I am going with James Sie the most here for now.



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