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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Shippo with sound clips and images.

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Created by Pokejedservo on Jan 19 2011


Here is a VC for the "Token Kid" in Inuyasha's little group here namely for that little fox boy... SHIPPO! Once again we shall start this off with the North American dub of the series done by Viz and Ocean Studios with Jillian Michaels as the voice of Shippo here. When it comes to Vancouver voice talent Jillian actually has had quite a history with voicing young boys (in fact its the character type that she is most known for), Jillian is known for doing these roles well and this is by no means an exception. Jillian's Shippo voice is a cutesy but scratchy little boys voice that definitely worked for the role and Jillian's performance definitely worked for Shippo as a Bratty little half pint whom is at heart a good kid. Jillian's overall performance as Shippo is certainly one of her more memorable performances and a fine example of the voice work in the Viz dub of Inuyasha.

Now for the last and not quite the least is Candice Moore whom voiced Shippo in the Animax dub of the series that was made in Hong Kong for the SE Asia TV Market. Alike her North American counterpart Candice also tries to do a cutesy scratchy little boys voice for Shippo so does she pull it off? Yes but I must admit that Candice can be a little inconsistent in that regard as sometimes Candice's Shippo voice does come off pretty naturally and sometimes it doesn't. But to be fair Candice's performance as Shippo is not bad though as she too gives a good sense of a cocky little brat whom is capable of kindness. Overall I liked them both but the quality of Jillian's performance is a bit more consistent.  



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