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Takumi Fujiwara

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Takumi Fujiwara with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Initial D

Takumi Fujiwara (renamed "Tak in Tokypop's english dub) is the protagonist in the Initial D series. He is a street racer who has mainly races on Mt. Akina with his dad's AE86 Trueno.  Takumi originally delivered tofu for his father's business using his car for the last 5 years which is how he gained his experience.  Takumi may appear to be more weak-minded and dull, but he becomes a more serious and strong-willed person when racing. 

In the original Tokypop releases of Initial D stages 1 and 2 "Tak" is voiced by Dave Wittenberg

Due to popular demand by the fans Initial D was redubbed by Funimation when they picked up the license in 2010.  In this version the english dub retains the original japanese music, names, and a more faithful script. As well as being the ADR director for quite a few episodes, Joel McDonald voices Takumi.

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