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Frozone / Lucius Best

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Frozone / Lucius Best with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Incredibles

Lucius Best (superhero identity: Frozone) is a supporting protagonist from Pixar's The Incredibles franchise. He's a longtime friend of Bob Parr's, and is very close with the entire Parr family. Ever since he was a child, Lucius showcased an amazing control and mastery over ice. He is able to generate ice from his fingertips, shooting it in blasts of varying size. He can freeze bullets in mid-air and is very athletic (often using objects to "snowboard" on in conjunction with his powers). 

Despite his powers and level-headedness in battle, Lucius is till vulnerable to the kryponite of many married men: THE WIFE

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Samuel L. Jackson voices Frozone in the film and the first video game adaptation of the movie. There's not much else to say other than Sam fits Frozone to a T. Frozone's entire persona seems to have been modelled off of Sam's cool, personable, suave, jazzy attitude. So it kind of goes without saying that he does well at it, since it's...basically him, ha ha. 

Isaac C. Singleton Jr. takes over in the second video game. Isaac does surprisingly well at trying to capture the same attitude as Sam, especially considering Isaac's typical resume of deep-voiced characters

My vote's for Sam Jackson's cool performance. 

BONUS OPINION: If there's ever a time when Jackson can't reprise the role, I'd cast Phil LaMarr or John Eric Bentley



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Isaac C Singleton Jr