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Elastigirl / Helen Parr

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Elastigirl / Helen Parr with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Incredibles

Helen Parr, also known as "Elastigirl" or "Mrs. Incredible", is a dual protagonist in Pixar's The Incredibles franchise and the wife of Bob Parr. Her special power is the ability to stretch her body into fantastic shapes (not unlike other established "stretchy" heroes), even to the point of shape-shifting, to a certain degree. Her litheness and flexibility also make her extremely agile, able to dodge bullets and traverse rough landscapes with ease. She also displays extreme skill with piloting aircraft and being the mother of three young children (a superpower in its own right). 

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Holly Hunter voices Helen in the feature film, as well as her appearance in the Disney Infinity video game. There's nothing that I have to say about the performance, really. It's good. It's fitting. That's about it. 

EG Daily takes over the role in the first Incredibles-based video game. Daily is a pretty good match, though sometimes I found that she just cranked up the "marble-mouth" a bit too much. But it's a great effort nonetheless. 

Holly Hunter gets my vote.

*Interesting Note: I thought Helen was voiced by Reba McEntire for the longest time. 



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